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Vogue Actors Competition

The vogue actors award competition first started in 2012 by awarding recognition to a selection of actors made by the vogueactors.com committee thanks to a worldwide electronic voting system. The votes are taken into account from January 1st to December 31st. The first prize is awarded to the actor that has the highest average rank. Only the actors that have reached a threshold in terms of number of votes, will be able to compete. They are called nominees and identified with a black crown logo. Title holder: Jake Gyllenhaal

The vogue actors junior competition is open to all the actors of vogueactors.com that are less than 30 years of age during the calendar year. These awards are given annually based on votes. A minimum of 80 votes is required in order to be nominated for the Junior Vog'Award. The junior nominees are identified on this website with a white crown logo. Title holder: Fran├žois Goeske
The vogueactors.com committee is not affiliated to any active casting director in the film industry.

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Top Popular

This competition is open to all the VogueActors.com actors. This award is given annually to the most popular actor, which is the actor with the largest number of views of his actor's page. Title holder: Cameron Monaghan

2018 Top 250 Popular Actors
RankTrendNameDay GainMonth GainPopularity
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